5 Plastic Free and Natural Gifts For Your Bathroom

We're passionate about stocking great products. Most of the time they are bee related in some way, from Honey Whisky to bee friendly wild flower seed. But, they also have something else in common. They are all free from pesky plastic and are natural and eco-friendly. This is really important to us and something we strive for with every maker that joins our bee gift shop. 

With that bee-ing said here's some of our favourite gifts that are a must have in your bathroom:

5. Hand Balm by Drewmonts

If like me you love going walking and being outside it's important to keep those hand in good shape and this soft natural hand balm from Drewmonts is great to restore them for the week ahead.

4. Honey & Oatmeal Soap with Lavender and Frankincense - Gaia Botanics

Using soap is great for getting rid of plastic products in the bathroom. This Honey & Oatmeal soap bar is beautifully smooth and great on sensitive skin too. It has a great luxurious scent too with Lavender and is held together with Frankincense so perfect gift for any girl friend.

3. Muscle Relief Balm 

From time to time I suffer from a bad back, especially in winter time. So I find it a great help having a long salt bath to try and relax. But also afterwards using this muscle relief balm with arnica. Arnica is a natural anti-inflammatory muscle relaxant and it also has thistle oil to encourage circulation and healing. 

2. Beeswax Rolled Candles

Any bath time is better with some nice candles. These two hand rolled candles look great in a little candle holder on the side of the bath. They give off such a beautiful soft golden light, just enough to read a good book with and last for around 4 hours. Plenty of time to lie back and relax.

1. A Honeybee Heart Has Five Openings by Helen Jukes

Whether it's reading on the loo or having a long soak in the tub. This book by Helen Jukes is a real must in any the bathroom; especially good for the bee lovers. It gives a beautifully tender insight into the care and attention that is needed.




All of our these gifts above are perfect for any bathroom, and make great presents too for environmentally conscious, bee loving friends or family... or maybe just you if you need of a good ol' pamper.

If you need more great gift ideas that are natural and plastic free, you can see all of our products here: https://wendysbeegifts.com/collections/all.

Hope you enjoyed reading,