How Soap And Water Can Destroy The Coronavirus

Vox have made an incredibly informative video about how old soap & water can help prevent the spread and annihilate coronavirus. It's amazing to see how the molecules of soap attaches to the virus fats, pulling the virus apart and breaking it down. But you've got to make sure you wash your hands for 20 seconds!

It's really surprising to hear that you can also skip using "antibacterial soap" too; as there is no proof it's more effective. We hope you find this video as helpful as we did and inspired by this you can now get 20% off if by using SOAP&WATER20 discount code at the checkout. 

Our two brilliant virus busting soaps are our Honey & Oatmeal natural bar with a light Lavender & Frankincense from Gaia Botanics and Dartmoor Honey, Oats & Almond Soap from The Dartmoor Soap Company both lovingly handmade in the UK from natural and honey products.

If you would like to watch this video you can find it below: