Introducing Hiver Beers

We're absolutely thrilled to now be stocking two award-winning honey beers in our Hiver Beers Gift Set from Hiver Beers. Hiver produce their honey beers differently from the rest. The honey is added as an ingredient, just like the hops and the malts. Rather than as an additive. This means that much of the sugar is fermented out so only the aroma and flavour remain.

They have a great ethos to by keeping things as British as possible and donating 10% of profits to pollinator charities... how great is that! They also source their honey from independent beekeepers that keep it raw and pure and totally un-pasteurised. We love this and also do the same with our yummy honey too.

The two options to choose from in the gift set are, The Honey Beer which is a lovely light thirst quenching beer perfect for a summers day. It includes three different honeys: Urban London, English Blossom and Heather honeys. The second is The Honey Ale which is a lot darker and richer due to being brewed with darker roasted malts and includes Tomlow Bees late season honey.


Give them a try: Hiver Beers Honey Beer & Ale Gift Set