Hi, I'm Wendy and welcome to my bee gift shop!

Wendy's Bee Gifts brings together my favourite products and the perfect bee gifts from all over the UK. As a passionate beekeeper, you will even see my handmade, 100% pure beeswax candles and, other great gifts ideas like Drewmonts lip balm. A personal favourite of mine; perfect for your hands and lips on a winter walk. 

How it all started:

I always wanted a hobby but, wasn't really sure what to do. My son Byron has kept bees for quite some time and I was fascinated by the care and process of getting honey and seeing the beautifully coloured wax. After we went on a few candle making courses together, I was hooked.

I now have 2 of my own hives in Granborough, Buckinghamshire which produces lovely light summer honey and beeswax which I use to make candles. As I only have 2 hives of my own, I also use wax from other local beekeepers. I really love making pure 100% beeswax candles from this pure beeswax but, also burning them; I find it very calming.

You can find some of my own products like Granborough honey and my candles on this shop but also many other great bee gift ideas I've found along the way.

Portait for Wendy in a yellow t-shirt