Do you keep bees?
Yes I do! I got 3 hives and my son Byron has 20.

What do the candles have in?
All of our candle only contains 100% British beeswax. No parabens, toxic ingredients or artificial fragrance.

How long do the beeswax candles burn for?
Each pure beeswax candle burns at different times depending on size of the candle. For example our Pure Beeswax celtic pattern candle burns for 4 hours! And did you know beeswax candles do burn 4 times longer than paraffin ones.

What do pure beeswax candles smell like?
Pure beeswax candles don't have a strong smell but if you do give them a sniff you can smell a divine light honey scent.

Can beeswax candles help air quality?
Yes they sure can! It's a bit fancy but pure beeswax candles (like mine ;) burn with almost no smoke or scent and clean the air by releasing negative ions into the air. These negative ions can bind with toxins and help remove them from the air.

We would like to sell your candles in our shop?
Amazing! I would love to be there. Please send us a message to: wholesale@wendysbeegifts.com and I can chat more about it.

How do I return an item?
Returned products can be sent to the following address: 

Wendy's Bee Gifts
The Old Chapel,
Main Street, 
MK18 4NN, Bucks